Why Honey

Providing mankind with the sweet taste of health, beauty and energy since its very inception; honey is known and considered as man’s oldest sweetener. It seems like God’s impregnable arrangement, that small creatures called ‘bees’ go through a long phase of rigors to produce this sweetener, even considered as panacea in many cultures. The product’s countless benefits make it stand synonymous to the pink of health, attraction catching beauty, never ceasing energy and many others. Here are some associations of honey with various attributes which will make you, like many people in the world, adopt honey as a way of life.

Honey & Energy

Honey is a rich source of carbohydrates, recommended by many dieticians to provide one’s muscles with the stimulant of energy that they require. A tablespoon of honey before physical activities can lead to an optimum level of performance being achieved at the activity. One can even add honey with water and drink it regularly to enjoy a dehydration free summer.

Honey & Beauty

Various beauty products avail the services of honey in the process of their manufacturing. It is antimicrobial and also a natural source of moisturizing one’s skin. The good part, however, is that one can even make one’s own beauty product, using honey, from within the comfortable confines of one’s home.

Honey & Health

The health benefits of honey are hardly left unnoticed. From being a natural remedy for many regular and not so regular ailments to being an immunity builder, honey has it all. Its health benefits make it one of the most sought after natural products among consumers, doctors and even ayurvedic practitioners.

Honey & Healing

Honey has various healing qualities. In fact many research studies suggest that such healing quality of honey increases with age.

Honey & Taste

Being healthy doesn’t have an adverse effect on the taste of honey. Many lip smacking and taste bud soothing varieties of honey recipes are being continually ushered into the kitchens of the common man, which are providing mankind with a sweet taste of healthy living.