The ultimate taste of honey, along with its panacea like health benefits, can now be availed in its finest form with various product options made available by Kejriwal Honey. Available in bulk, institutional and retail pack sizes; your order can also be custom made for you.


Indulge into the healthiest mode of sweetening with the promise of quality of Kejriwal Honey. With set quality procedures and options of glass and pet bottles available, your honey experience is here to be enriched.

Bulk & Institutional


Utilize our top notch honey to provide your products with the Midas touch. Be it the food and beverage industry or the large number of others who require honey as their raw material, Kejriwal Honey can serve their requirement with the right packing in the right size.

Nature’s Nectar

Kejriwal Group is one of the largest exporters of natural and high-quality honey with large production capabilities.. The need can be varied, we can supply honey for the food and beverage industry or any other industry. . Kejriwal Honey can serve any requirement with the right packing in the right size.

Honey Chew

Pitted as the healthy way to instant energy, honey chew is a honey bar which can provide you with an energizing and filling alternative for between the meals hunger.

Private Labels

Kejriwal Honey is also involved in the production and packaging of honey for various private labels. The package size and other requirements can be custom made, as per the requirements of the client.

Allied Products

Pollen and beeswax, two allied products, are of high utility in the manufacturing of food supplements, cosmetics and other industries. One can access both these products through Kejriwal Honey’s allied products’ range.