The handling facilities at Kejriwal Honey are given the top priority to make sure that every ounce of honey going out of our warehouse is of the highest quality. Because of this reason, we bifurcate the entire procedure, from the collection of honey to final packaging and warehousing, into various detailed steps. Through state of the art lab facilities and a team which understands the procedure well, we have managed to maintain the zenith of quality standards since our inception.


Our trained field collection staff collects honey directly from the beekeepers from their farm within 7 days from the harvesting of honey. Each container is serially marked giving full details of the beekeeper and his farm location. All the honey collected is first transferred to our local collection depot, which is located within 50 kilometers from the honey producing area. These are temporary locations where the honey is collected and then transferred to our central depot or our processing unit. These centers also act as our information base and provide technical and other guidance to the farmers. Through this process we maintain complete record and traceability of the beekeeper and the honey from its origin. All the honey collected is GMO free.

Raw Material Inspection

On arrival of the honey from the local depots, the honey is segregated lot-wise. Thorough Organoleptic sensory evaluation is conducted and once the honey passes through these tests, collective sampling of the raw honey is done from each container and forwarded to our quality assurance lab for detailed chemical analysis.

Only the honey which meets strict international quality norms is then sent for processing. After the honey passes the quality checks, the production department plans for it process taking into consideration a lot size of approximately 20 metric tons depending upon the target customer requirement.

De-Crystallized honey & Homogenization

The first step in processing of honey is to melt it for easy handling. This is specially made stainless steel chamber with hot air as the heating media, diffusers with air circulation baffles and collection trays underneath to collect the melted honey. The honey is then passed through sieve mesh filters to remove any unwanted matters.

We have tanks with 20 KL capacities, which can hold up to 28 metric tons of honey at a time. The tanks are mounted with stainless steel agitators (propeller type) with slow speed motors to homogenize the honey into one lot of 20 Metric tons.


Modern processing facilities include flash heating and cooling units, filter Newses and pumps that deliver the finished product to the settling tanks. After keeping the honey in the settling tanks for some time the honey is again tested for all parameters in our lab as per requirement.


We are equipped with both bulk and retail packing lines with a capacity of approximate 5 MT per hour. In case of bulk, the honey is packed in food grade epoxy coated barrels for exports with a nett weight of 300 kilograms. In case of retail, packing can be done from 5 grams to 50 kilograms as per requirements.


Our vast warehouse is equipped with computer control inventory system to facilitate quick and organized shipment of all honey packed by us.