Honey Chew

We are on the move and we love to have fun. HoneyChew with the sweet taste and sun-kissed colour multiply this fun.

Packed in handy sticks in a candy form, honey will taste even better in 5 exciting flavors which everybody will love savour.

These delicious sticks have all the goodness of honey and the punch of mouth-watering flavors.

HoneyChew candy is the perfect fun for everybody on the go. It is an innovative and award winning unique product from the house Kejriwal Bee Care Pvt Ltd

Awards & Reward

  • TASTE 2007

  • ITQI 2008

If you are looking for more information and product details, please feel free to submit either our online enquiry form or email us at sales@kejriwalhoney.com
Please visit www.honeychew.com

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