About Us

Established in the year 1967, the Kejriwal Group has been an excellent source of a wide diversity of food products from India for nearly 45 years – from Fruit Pulps, Spices, Tea, and Rice etc. to of course Honey. At the core of this well-established credibility is Kejriwal Group’s track record of quality, which by itself has become a stamp of reliability in the overseas market.

Starting in 1996 with honey, Kejriwal is the pioneer of honey exports from India to the EU, USA and the Middle East. Its State-of-Art facility is equipped to handle 15000 MT of honey per year to meet the demands of the International and Indian Markets. All operations are fully automatic with a well-designed closed-circuit honey processing line with manual interface, ensuring quality and hygiene throughout, in keeping with the international norms.

Kejriwal Honey has continuously strived to adhere to stringent norms in its production process to let its customers avail of the ultimate benefits of honey in its purest form.

The Company’s endeavour has resulted in the manufacturing of some of the most sought after honey products, which have been acclaimed across the globe.

The company’s manufacturing expertise has not only been confined to raw honey but it has even extended its horizons to other products. Its brands include a variety of natural products, which boast of honey’s healing qualities with other natural ingredients.

Kejriwal's Mission

To maintain leadership in India in the field of honey and honey related activities by ensuring quality, hygiene and traceability of wide range of honey to meet customers’ expectations through an honest and transparent work ethic

Strengths of Kejriwal

We truly believe that the strength of any organization is customer satisfaction. This is proven by Kejriwal’ s track record of retaining customers year after year. This is achieved through an honest, trust – based relationship, built on a strong platform of High Quality Products

Featured Products

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