Known for its unparalleled advantages all across the world, honey has been a product which has started to be increasingly consumed by people globally. While it was considered to be a panacea for immortality in ancient India, the modern world has come to realize that honey is a one stop solution to many health problems. With some of these honey cured health problems being minor day to day niggles, honey has now also been recognized as a treatment to many of the major health risks of the twenty first century.

Not only is honey’s utility confined to being a natural medication for prevention and cure of many diseases, its sumptuous taste extends its horizon to the world of food and beverages too. From some breezing cold mocktails to the filling sandwiches, honey is being used to cook a fusion of relishing taste and uncompromised health.

Benefits of Honey

Honey, as mentioned earlier, comes with benefits which could touch lives of people of all ages, caste and creed. Notwithstanding what you are and where you come from, honey, in some way or the other, has relevance in your life and its healthy sustenance.

Varieties of Honey

There are various varieties of honey available depending upon the flower and the location from which it is extracted. India, because of its varied weather conditions and landscape, plays host to different flora which breeds different varieties of honey

Honey Recipes

Given the versatility of honey, its health aiding qualities and ease of cooking with it; there are umpteen numbers of honey recipes which one could explore and relish. In fact almost all cultures across the globe have history of using honey in varied lip smacking dishes.