Bulk & Institutional

Kejriwal Honey delivers its honey in bulk packaging specifically for Honey Packers and such industries which employ its services for the production of various eatables, beverages, Pharmaceuticals and various other Cosmetics products. The pack types include the 300 kg drum packing and bucket packing.

300kg Drums Packing

Packaging in large 300 kg drum packs, it is an ideal pack size for manufacturing firms. The MS Drums used by Kejriwal are always new and coated inside with food grade epoxy coating to ensure the quality and the freshness of the honey.

Bucket Packing

Also known as pail packing, the bucket packing is also available in different sizes varying from 1kg - 100Kgs to be used by various firms for their production Requirements.

1 KG Pet Bottle

Pet bottles are becoming more popular due to their convenience and easy storage. Serval different pet bottle packaging variations including squeezy bottles grace the list of available options with Kejriwal Honey. One also has the option of developing specialized PET bottles with Kejriwal as per customer requirements. Useful for HORECA Clients such ad Hotels, restaurants, Caterers etc.

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