Why Kejriwal Honey?

Kejriwal Honey is the pioneer of honey exports from the country of India, offering top notch honey to the quality conscious consumers across the world. The group started exporting honey in the year 1996 and within a short span of time it has established itself as a premier Honey exporter to many countries of Europe, USA and the Middle East.

Benefits of Honey!

Honey is often described as the purest form of food. Bedsides great taste there is innumerable benefits of honey for the human body.

  • Antioxidants
  • Supports blood formation
  • Antimicrobial Activity
  • Helping in Healing Wounds
  • Treatment of Diarrhea
  • Protects Teeth
  • Honey in Food Preservation

Varieties of Honey!

Flavor and color of honey depend on the flowers visited by the bees. India is amongst one of the top 5 bio-diversity rich countries and is a hot spot for floral diversity.

  • Rapeseed / Mustard Honey
  • Eucalyptus Honey
  • Lychee Honey
  • Sunflower Honey
  • Karanj / Pongamea Honey
  • Acacia Honey
  • Wild Flora Honey

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